Aloe Vera

Aloe vera as a natural healing gel and beauty aid, is traced back to ancient Egypt where it was documented in use in 3500 BC. Ancient Greeks used aloe to treat battle wounds and Egyptian women rubbed the gel on their skin to preserve their beauty. Legend has it that procuring aloe vera plants to treat the wounded solders was the driving reason behind Alexander the Great’s invasion of the island of Socotra.

Externally and internally, aloe vera heals, protects and repairs with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anesthetic, and cell rejuvenating properties. It contains 18 amino acids and is packed with minerals, enzymes, powerful anti-oxidants and vitamins, including calcium, zinc, magnesium, and vitamins A, E, C and B12. It is used to treat puffy eyes, to pump up the lips, and for healing burns and wounds. It is also ideal in moisturizers.

Anti-bacterial compounds in aloe vera treat surface skin infections and prevent infections around wounds and open sores.

Anti-fungal elements treat fungal infections and protect wounds during the healing process.

Anesthetic properties in aloe help to ease the pain of a wound or burn while stimulating healing and cell repair.

Aloe vera both stimulates the healing process with complex sugars, and it repairs the damaged site with plant-based hormones that stimulate cell rejuvenation.

Long used to treat traumatized skin after sunburns burns and damage, aloe vera has a lot to offer already healthy skin. The cell stimulating elements encourage healthy cell growth to keep you face and body looking and feeling healthy.

Any small abrasions and damage sites respond to the healing elements of aloe vera for a smooth complexion and good overall skin health. Add aloe vera to your skin care routine and enjoy the beauty serum used by the great beauties of Ancient Egypt.

Aloe Vera In Moisturizers

When the pulp is removed, aloe vera juice is a free-flowing, watery liquid, packed with potent compounds that moisturize, heal and beautify all types of skin.

For use on dry skin, aloe vera is even better when it is combined with moisturizing oils and then blended into a rich cream.

At Gaelle Organic, we blend aloe vera with the best natural moisturizers for dry skin to create an organic moisturizer with the emollients and healing factors you need for soft, beautiful skin.

Moisturizing regularly with aloe vera can

– stimulate collagen production

– moisturize and plump up the skin

– reduce fine lines

– reduce age spots

– sooth inflammations

– calm eruptions

– clear the complexion

– keep skin healthy and glowing.

Treating puffy eyes with aloe vera:

Dab a little around your eyes in the morning. While the gel is treating puffiness, it nourishes the delicate skin for a rejuvenating morning eye treatment.

Repairing and plumping the lips:

Rub aloe vera gel into the soft, delicate skin on your lips to let the vitamins and amino acids go to work repairing and plumping the skin cells.

Healing burns and reducing pain:

Aloe vera is especially helpful with new sunburn – anesthetic properties ease the pain while the gel gets to work repairing the burned skin. You can also use it to treat minor burns from a hot stove or fire.

Healing small cuts and cracks:

Studies have shown that aloe vera can speed the healing of cuts and small cracks in the skin. Its healing properties, combined with its anesthetic and cell repair properties, make this plant one of the best natural wound treatments around.

Aloe vera is a natural cure for dry skin, wounds, cracks, blemishes, and burns. Some people keep a plant near their kitchen just so the juice is at hand if they burn themselves.

Not just for the skin

And it is not just for skin. Aloe vera juice is packed with amino acids, anti-oxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Juice made from the watery aloe leaves is a tonic for overall health and a good source of vitamin B12. As a medicinal drink, aloe helps relieve upset stomachs and bowel problems. Extensive research is exploring its antibacterial and anti-viral properties, including its potential use in HIV treatment.

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