Coconut Oil

Before we started worrying so much about sun damage, coconut oil was used along with cocoa butter as a natural suntan lotion. But about 30 years ago, we switched to mineral oils – and sun bathing became dangerous.

Coconut oil is also a much better choice of facial moisturizer than mineral oil. Modern research has shown coconut oil can work miracles for your skin. It is one of the very best natural moisturizers, packed with beauty benefits your skin will love.

Beauty benefits of coconut oil

Nature provides all the complex chemistry we need for beautiful skin. It is available in whole plant oils like coconut oil.

You can use it to:

– soften and smooth your skin

– defend connective tissue and prevent wrinkles

– reduce breakouts and liver spots

– clear your complexion

Coconut Oil In Facial Moisturizers

Virgin coconut oil has a dreamy, tropical aroma. It melts on contact with the skin and absorbs deeply, leaving no trace.


Once it is on the body, coconut oil is transformed into medium-chain fatty acids that kill viruses and bacteria and stop free radicals from damaging connective tissue.
That means firmer skin, less wrinkles and fewer breakouts.


The chemicals in coconut oil are very similar to those in the sebum we secrete naturally through our pores. Over time, we produce less sebum, so our skin dries and we become vulnerable to lines and wrinkles. That’s why a good moisturizer is so vital to our anti-aging program.


Coconut oil’s emollient properties keep skin moist and supple– just as sebum does. It is an ideal moisturizer.

That is why Gaelle Organic includes the finest organic coconut oil in Creme Superieure, our regenerative moisturizer, and Reborn Exfoliant. They rejuvenate dry skin by replenishing natural oils with the best organic oils and emollients Nature has to offer. That is the tried and true way to nourish, protect and enhance your beautiful skin – and that is our mission.

Coconut Oil In Natural Soap

Coconut oil gives soap a wonderful lather. But making soap turns coconut oil into sodium cocoate, which can be quite drying.

So at Gaelle Organic we enrich organic coconut oil with much larger amounts of other organic oils. Then, once our cleanser is formed, we “super-fat” it with more emollients to create Soap Supreme, a cleanser that moisturizes dry skin every time you use it.

Coconut Oil As A Beauty Food

Coconut oil is perfect for cooking.

Coconut oil can help you lose weight

For many, coconut oil helps in weight loss – not what you’d expect of a fat. Coconut oil is not digested in the same way as other fats. It has been found that people who switch to coconut oil from other oils, and keep their total calorie intake constant, lose weight. Plus it supports sugar metabolism and reduces sugar cravings.

Coconut oil is heart-friendly

People have cooked safely with coconut oil for thousands of years. It is rich in good fats – the medium chain fatty acids that support heart-health and wellness. It is cholesterol and trans-fat free. It stays stable and does not convert to free-radicals when cooked – unlike refined vegetable oils.

People who eat the most coconut oil have the lowest levels of heart disease.

Yet the food industry succeeded in persuading our entire society to give up coconut oil in favor of their inferior products. Since that happened, heart disease has soared.

Coconut oil provides immune support

It is a natural antibiotic that also kills viruses and yeast.

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