Gaelle Kennedy

During my modeling career when I was very well paid for representing cosmetic companies, I wondered why women in their forties, fifties and sixties would buy products modeled by a twenty three year old whose photo had even been retouched!

I promised myself, when I reached the “old age of forty,” I would never fall for gimmicks like that.

In my early thirties, I felt I was over the hill as a model so I began working as an esthetician and make-up artist for an enchantress named Aida Grey, the owner of the posh Beverly Hills Salon.

Aida was then in her seventies and had beautiful skin.

What made her so special was that she knew the truth about beauty, that it could last forever, if you learned how to take care of yourself and, above all, if you loved and enjoyed yourself at all ages. She knew how to charm everybody, at any age.

Because beauty and charm are ageless, their effects are eternal.


Now that I’m in my late sixties, it amazes me that so many smart women my age think they are going to look like a twenty year old simply by buying products modeled by someone who could be their granddaughter.

The truth is every woman can look great and have beautiful skin, at any age. The picture of me on the left, for example, was taken recently, without any makeup or retouching – in fact, the photographer posted on his blog “This model insisted I emphasize her wrinkles.”  (You can see his post by clicking here.)

My skin looks this way because I eat organic food, exercise every day, and have always used my own organic skincare “concoctions.” I found early on that I did better with my own products than with those sold in the best shops.

Naturally, I encouraged my daughter to do the same. One day, she challenged me to start my own organic facial line, “If you know so much, why don’t you start your own beauty products business?” A good question.

So I tested the products I’d been making for myself on twenty of my fussiest friends who were using the most expensive, well-known creams.

My goal was to see if mine were as good as their expensive, but chemical-ladened ones — or better. If 80% of these women thought mine was as good as what they had been using, I would begin an organic facial business.

When 100% came back and said “this is the best moisturizer I’ve ever had,” I knew I was in business. And my daughter has happily learned the benefits of only using organic products on her skin as well.

The results speak for themselves. Beautiful skin is simple. Nature makes it so. Once you give your skin a complete break from perfume, alcohol and other synthetic chemicals, and switch to quality organic products, you will be amazed by the results. You can have beautiful, luminous skin with just a couple of minutes of daily care.

The rest comes from what makes you happy. So be happy, healthy and loving, foremost to yourself.

Wishing you good health and fabulous skin,


Simple Care, Luminous Skin