Cold Pressed Oils – Why They Are Best

All the oils I use are organically produced, so they are free of fertilizer and pesticide residues and other synthetic chemicals. In addition, I make sure they have been “cold” or “expeller” processed. Here’s why…

  • Preserve Natural Ingredients

The traditional way to extract vegetable oil is with a mechanical press. No additional heat or chemical solvents are used, so the oils retain the chemical structure of their natural source. You’ll see these oils labeled as “cold-pressed” or “expeller-pressed.”

  • Rich In Antioxidants

“Cold-pressed” or “expeller-pressed” oil is rich in antioxidants that keep the oil fresh and provide us with protection from free radical damage.

  • React To Heat, Light and Air

But vegetable oils are not stable. They react to heat, light, air and other chemicals they come into contact with. When this happens, their antioxidants are lost, leaving free radicals in their place. We then have oil that is filled with toxic chemicals. And this happens without affecting the smell or taste of the oil.

  • Need Careful Handling

So it’s important to handle cold-pressed oils properly. They need to be kept in air-tight containers, out of the light, and away from heat.

  • Not Good For Cooking

That’s why they are not a good choice for cooking. Cold-pressed vegetable oils, especially olive oil, are ideal in salad dressings and they are wonderful on the skin. But they become unhealthy when they are heated. Cook with coconut oil instead.

  • The More Processing, The Lower The Quality

More oil can be extracted if heat and chemicals are used. So most vegetable oil is not mechanically pressed in the traditional way. It is extracted, instead, with chemical solvents. Then it is boiled to evaporate the solvents, and then it is deodorized and bleached. The final product is very different from its natural source. The antioxidants are replaced by free radicals, and trans-fats appear in it.

These refined oils may smell sweet and taste fine, but they are vastly inferior to cold pressed oils and they do not belong in our bodies.

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