If You Want Beautiful Skin, Get High!

High in the mountains, that is…

When it comes to the health of your skin, you can rely on billions of years of evolution.

Plants that thrive in the world’s high places, like the Tibetan Plateau and the Alps, develop chemicals that protect them from the ultra-intense sunlight they are exposed to. These plants also deal with huge swings of temperature as well as high winds and bone-dry air. Just the things that age our skin.

It turns out, the chemistry of these high-altitude plants can work wonders for your skin.

Sea Buckthorn and Edelweiss are cases in point. They are increasingly popular in anti-aging creams and serums, and they work! The trick is to make sure they are in formulations that contain only ingredients as good as they are, rather than fillers and synthetic hoo-haa.

At Gaelle Organic, we use edelweiss in our ultra sensitive creme, and sea buckthorn in our illuminating serum and rejuvenating masque. You can check out here the otherĀ ingredients we use.

For luminous skin, beauty in nature is the way to go – and it’s so simple!


Simple Care, Luminous Skin