Walking The Labyrinth

There’s a labyrinth like this on the floor of Chartre Cathedral in France. I’ve always been intrigued by it.

The thing with labyrinths is that all you have to do is keep moving forward and you eventually get to the center. But you have to walk every single inch of the labyrinth to get there. It often seems as though you are headed away from the goal, but in reality, every step is getting you closer to it. There are no shortcuts. However, your success is assured so long as you keep on moving forward. It’s a deep message, I think, about how to live a life.

Mazes are completely different. You can get lost in a maze. There are lots of wrong turns you can take and there is no guarantee that you’ll ever make it to the goal, even if you keep on trying for ever.

When I’m feeling wise and happy, I think of my journey as a walk in a sacred labyrinth. When I’m discouraged, my journey can feel more like wandering in a maze.

How is it for you?

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