The Benefits Of An Organic Moisturizer

These are the benefits of an organic moisturizer.

  • fine lines disappear as the skin plumps up
  • a soft, smooth feel to the skin, making it attractive to look at and touch
  • a lustrous healthy glow to the complexion.
  • rapid reduction of irritation and eruptions
  • restoration of health and beauty to previously troublesome skin.

If your moisturizer is not delivering these benefits, it is time to try another product.

We are just beginning to understand the complex chemistry of plants. So what gets isolated in a lab as an “active” ingredient and then synthesized into a product is likely to be a pale imitation of the real thing. Plus the laboratory approach to skin care can introduce chemicals that are actually harmful to dry skin. That is why organic moisturizers can be so much more beneficial than synthetic products.

However, the proof is in what the product does for your skin. And you should see the results from a product in a few days, if not hours.

When clients use my organic moisturizer, their dry skin quickly regains its natural glow, no matter how dry it may have been to start with. It is not unusual for stubborn red patches, dry acne, and other eruptions to go away. Once they stop aggravating their skin with the wrong kinds of products, and switch to an organic moisturizer, they see their skin’s natural beauty restored.

If your skin is not doing well, it is likely you are using products on it that are not helping. The proof is right there for you to see in the mirror.

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