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Finding A Bar Soap For Sensitive Skin

soap_superieure_rose_geranium__27255.1405373471.388.550In her recent blog post about bar soap for sensitive skin, Buy This, Not That!, Barbara Messina shows just how misleading labels can be, and how important it is to look closely at the ingredients products contain, no matter how “pure” or “natural” they claim to be. Amen to that. Her look at Ivory soap is a revelation.

Bar soap for sensitive skin (actually everything we use on our skin) should be free of “fragrance” and other harsh chemicals, but, in my experience, products do not have to be unscented to be suitable for sensitive skin. It’s just a matter of finding natural scents that work with your skin.

For example, I make a bar soap called Soap Superieure that is scented with the organic essential oil of rose geranium. It fills my bathroom with a delightful aroma every time I use it, and it is very gentle.

And there is another factor to consider. I find that many soaps can be too drying, even if they are truly pure.  So, as well as having a lovely scent, I gave this soap a rich, creamy feel, due to the amount of organic oils it contains, even after conversion to soap. That makes it a better choice for dry skin, as well as sensitive skin, conditions that often go together.

For dry sensitive skin, look for a soap that is non-drying, as well as free of toxic chemicals. And I would never throw out the scent with the bath water!

Anti-Aging Guide

For best results, all the products you put onto your skin should be packed with anti-aging ingredients, including the cleanser, toner, exfoliant, and moisturizer you use every day, and any other products you use for special treatments.

This Anti-Aging Guide is an easy way to learn about which ones work best so you will know what to look for in the products you buy.

Anti-Aging Guide

When you look at ingredient lists (and this is a key – don’t just rely on the “natural” claims on the packaging), check for the ingredients in this Anti-Aging Guide and avoid products that have a whole lot of other stuff in them. You are likely buying fillers or worse.

 Anti-aging is not for special occasions or exotic treatments. It works when you take good care of your skin every day with high quality natural products. And the good news – it’s simple and easy, and the results are fabulous!

Soap Supreme – Best Cleanser Ever!

SoapSupremeLovely review of Soap Supreme by the gorgeous Sasha Stone of Be Open Yoga in Hollywood.

In addition to her review, Sasha goes over the lifestyle factors that give her skin such a youthful glow. Seeing is believing!

Click on the picture below to see what Sasha does to nurture her beauty.

Her newsletter has a Special Beauty Issue this month, too. You can see it by clicking here.

Soap Supreme - Be Open Yoga 400

For Extra Dry Skin, Try Oil Based Cleansers

I recommend oil based cleansers for anyone with extra dry skin.  In fact, I make a handmade soap from organic oils, specifically with dry skin in mind.  But oils have long been used as cleansers without the intermediate step of turning them into soap.

When a Roman citizen came home from a busy day building aqueducts and conquering barbarians, the evening started with a bath.  The Roman would cover him or herself with olive oil, which was then removed by a slave using a strigil, a blunt bladed knife.  He would then go into a steam room  to open up the pores, before finishing off the process by plunging into a pool of water.

The Romans obviously enjoyed the process immensely.  One Roman emperor was asked by a foreigner from one of the smellier ancient nations why he bathed once a day.  The reply was, he didn’t have time to bathe twice a day.  Soap was not used until much later in the history of the Empire when things were beginning to go badly for the Romans.

In the absence of slaves, modern bathers have switched to synthetic cleansers containing detergents and other scientific wonders. They wash off dirt and cut grease, with no muss or fuss, and they leave us squeaky-clean. Unfortunately, they can also leave our skin very dry.  Over-cleaning is not good.

I’m not saying this is why European happiness levels have been declining lately (as this article in Science Daily reports), but I know it can’t help.

That’s why oil-based cleansers are such a good idea, especially if you have extra dry skin. And be sure to avoid harsh detergents in your cleansers, especially sodium lauryl sulphate and sodium deodecylbenzene sulfanate.

You can learn more about oil based cleansers at Colin’s Beauty Pages, the source of the above quote. The site is informative (written by a cosmetic scientist) and a lot of fun (how can that be?).

For Soap You Can Love

It’s a lot of fun to make your own soap.  There are so many ways you can go with it.  The same basic process has been used for hundreds of years – add fatty acids to a strong alkaline base at the right temperatures, and voila, soap!

The kind of soap you get can vary so much.  You can make spectacular soaps with colors, textures and shapes from your wildest dreams. Heady smells, too. Soap-making can be a sensual art form, for sure.

But my interest in soap-making has more to do with what the finished product does for my skin.  I want a moisturizing cleanser that I can use every day on my face without depleting my natural oils; something that smells divine, and leaves my skin feeling soft afterwards.  And I don’t want that tight, dry feeling;  not ever!  That’s the feeling of skin stripped bare of its dewy, protective shield.

So for fatty acids, I use rich organic oils.  And when I mix them into the alkaline base, I add still more organic oils to “super-fat” the mixture, causing the finished soap to be soft and nourishing.  Of course, I love its smell.  That’s because of the essential oils I choose, another of the joys of making your own soap.

And the soap is just right for my dry skin.  It’s a pleasure I enjoy every day.

Simple Care, Luminous Skin