For Soap You Can Love

It’s a lot of fun to make your own soap.  There are so many ways you can go with it.  The same basic process has been used for hundreds of years – add fatty acids to a strong alkaline base at the right temperatures, and voila, soap!

The kind of soap you get can vary so much.  You can make spectacular soaps with colors, textures and shapes from your wildest dreams. Heady smells, too. Soap-making can be a sensual art form, for sure.

But my interest in soap-making has more to do with what the finished product does for my skin.  I want a moisturizing cleanser that I can use every day on my face without depleting my natural oils; something that smells divine, and leaves my skin feeling soft afterwards.  And I don’t want that tight, dry feeling;  not ever!  That’s the feeling of skin stripped bare of its dewy, protective shield.

So for fatty acids, I use rich organic oils.  And when I mix them into the alkaline base, I add still more organic oils to “super-fat” the mixture, causing the finished soap to be soft and nourishing.  Of course, I love its smell.  That’s because of the essential oils I choose, another of the joys of making your own soap.

And the soap is just right for my dry skin.  It’s a pleasure I enjoy every day.

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