Age-Defying Oils For Dry Skin

There is a good article at about dry skin products based on organic coconut oil and Argan oil from Morocco.  The author, Carmindy, writes about oils that moisturize and protect our skin and keep it looking great

One of my favorites is pure organic coconut oil that easily absorbs into the skin and contains vitamin E, lauric acid and other antioxidants. It smells heavenly and hydrates the skin naturally. Helena Rubenstein famously quoted, “Don’t put anything on your face that you would not put in your mouth.” and with coconut oil, I could not agree more.

I’m a big fan of coconut oil.  It is one of the best oils you could possibly use for rejuvenating dry skin. I use the extra virgin grade in my moisturizing products.

For those of us with dry skin, the right oils can really help repair and maintain our moisture barrier. Our dry skin is a result of loss of water from the skin.  Oils prevent that loss, as well as serving to soothe and smooth the skin, leaving it looking and feeling soft and dewy.

I follow Helena Rubenstein’s advice and do not put on my face anything I would not put in my mouth.  So I moisturize with products made from pure, organic oils.  They work the best for me.

I wrote previously here about organic coconut oil for health and beauty.

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