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Help With Large Or Clogged Pores

If you have large or clogged pores, you already know the problems they cause.
These 3 practices will clear your pores and restore your skin’s natural beauty.

1. Steam Your Pores

Whenever your pores become clogged, steam them by leaning over a bowl of boiling water. Let the steam rise up to your face and flush your pores. When you finish steaming, let your face cool and dab on a facial toner with a cotton ball, letting it dry on your skin.

2. Use A Facial Toner

Toner Superieure

Every day after cleansing, minimize your pores with a facial toner made from astringent botanical extracts. The astringents will cause your skin to tighten and your pores to contract.

Many botanical extracts contain powerful antioxidants and antimicrobials that will help to prevent breakouts.

The best ones for minimizing pores are witch hazel, apple cider vinegar, rose water, aloe vera juice and  green tea. The extracts of cucumber, calendula, elderflower and mint have a calming influence. You can learn more about these ingredients by clicking here.

Alcohol-free toners are best, especially if you have dry skin or sensitive skin.

Toner Supérieure is a pore refiner for all skin types made from nine botanicals that reduce large pores and prevent them from becoming clogged.You can learn more about using facial toners by clicking here.

3. Exfoliate Regularly

Exfoliant SuperieureLarge pores benefit from exfoliation. Exfoliate twice a week for 30 seconds. It will remove dead skin cells and deeply clean the pores.

Your skin will glow after you exfoliate.

Exfoliant Supérieure uses finely-milled sea salt to exfoliate and clean the pores. Its willow bark extract  provides the same skin cell renewal benefits as salicylic acid, but without the irritation and sun sensitivity drawbacks. 

You can learn more about exfoliating by clicking here.

These 3 routines will clear clogged pores, minimize large pores, and give you smoother, healthier skin with reduced breakouts. Your skin will love it!


Anti-Aging Guide

For best results, all the products you put onto your skin should be packed with anti-aging ingredients, including the cleanser, toner, exfoliant, and moisturizer you use every day, and any other products you use for special treatments.

This Anti-Aging Guide is an easy way to learn about which ones work best so you will know what to look for in the products you buy.

Anti-Aging Guide

When you look at ingredient lists (and this is a key – don’t just rely on the “natural” claims on the packaging), check for the ingredients in this Anti-Aging Guide and avoid products that have a whole lot of other stuff in them. You are likely buying fillers or worse.

 Anti-aging is not for special occasions or exotic treatments. It works when you take good care of your skin every day with high quality natural products. And the good news – it’s simple and easy, and the results are fabulous!

Create Smooth Flawless Skin With These Natural Pore Refiners

Natural pore refiners are astringents.

Astringents cause tissue to contract. When they are put onto skin, they make pores tighten and give the skin a smoother, more flawless look. For best results, they should be used every day, ideally right after cleansing.

The natural astringents pictured in the chart have the added benefit of restoring skin’s pH balance to its healthy, slight-acidic state. This helps to keep the skin healthy by warding off infections.

Some astringents can be too harsh for routine use. Alcohol, for example, causes tissue to contract, but it is very drying. And 14% of the content of some witch hazel extract is alcohol  – even organic witch hazel.

You will be using a pore refiner on a daily basis. So it is important to find one that is both gentle and effective. The 9 natural astringents in the chart are the best we have found. They are what we use to make Toner Superieure.

How To Tone Your Skin

I use a facial toner every morning, right after cleansing.  It washes away traces of soap, dirt, and grime by causing the pores of my skin to contract and push out any debris that has been left behind.  It leaves my skin looking smoother and feeling refreshed, and it only takes a few seconds.  I just dab the toner over my face and let it dry, before moisturizing.

There is a good post about toners on the SkinCareihub

A toner that is capable of restoring the ph balance of your skin will make it look attractive, lustrous and healthy. Toners also help to minimize skin pores. Pores that have shrunk in size will make the skin appear bright and fresh.

The post includes recipes for making toners from ingredients you will find in your kitchen.  Apple cider vinegar is highly recommended – but not everyone is going to be thrilled with the smell!  Organic rose water is a terrific option.  What not to use in a toner?  Alcohol – it is far too drying.

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