Finding The Right Moisturizer

Moisturizers help skin to retain water. When skin plumps up with moisture, fine lines are reduced and the complexion takes on a healthy glow.

Moisturizers also soften skin by lubricating cracks between cells, giving the surface a silky-smooth texture.

Anti-aging moisturizers go a step further and provide antioxidant and healing factors needed for healthy skin, while protecting against free radical damage.

A good moisturizer gives all of these benefits in one simple application.

Results You Should See From Your Moisturizer

Silky-smooth skin

Reduced lines

Skin that looks radiant and feels soft

Immediate results that continue to improve

Moisturizers That Work Best

Organic plant oils are ideal for dry skin.

They absorb deeply, bringing powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds that moisturize, smooth and protect the skin, while helping it to regenerate.

They often have chemical structures that are similar to the natural oils we produce ourselves.

These oils do much more than provide a barrier to moisture loss.

They are packed with antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, antiseptics, collagen stimulators and other compounds that make for radiant skin.

Their anti-aging properties have been perfected by nature, and are readily available when processed organically.

About Preservatives

Your moisturizer will contain a preservative. There is no getting around it. The risk of bacterial contamination makes it mandatory.

Alcohol is often used as a preservative, even in organic products, but it is too drying.

Other preservatives, like parabens, have become linked with health risks and are best avoided.

At Gaelle Organic, we use Geogard Ultra, a preservative approved by the European organic standard, and recognized as safe by the FDA. It does not dry the skin, and it does the vital job of keeping you safe.

What To Look For

A moisturizer for dry skin should be rich and creamy.

It should absorb quickly.

It should last all day.

And it should be the only cream you need, day or night, for under your eyes, face, neck and decolette.

Your Personal Choice

Your moisturizer should keep your skin soft and dewy. You should see results from it right away, and your skin should become more and more beautiful the longer you use it.

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