How To Exfoliate

How to Exfoliate with a Natural Scrub

Leave your skin moist, after washing

Put some scrub over your face

Then gently move your fingers upwards in a circular motion

Continue for about 30 seconds

A light, quick touch is all it takes

Then rinse with cold water and dab dry

What You Should See After Exfoliating

You should see an immediate increase in the aliveness and glow of your skin.

Removes Dead Cells
Stimulates Circulation
Clears Pores
Reduces Eruptions
Creates Radiant Glow

Do not be alarmed if your skin is a little red for a few minutes – it is the blood coming to the surface; the redness should quickly fade away. If it doesn’t, you pressed too hard when massaging, or you are sensitive to the ingredients in the scrub.

Remember to exfoliate gently, with a soft touch.

What To Do After Exfoliating

Dab on toner with a cotton ball

If your skin is still dry, then apply moisturizer

How Often to Exfoliate

If your skin is rough and uneven, you could exfoliate every day for the first 5 days. Otherwise, once to twice a week.

Who Should Exfoliate

Most doctors say we should start exfoliating in our twenties, as soon as the buildup of dead skin cells begins. In my experience, anyone over 30 who cares about their skin should exfoliate regularly using a natural exfoliant. It is one of the very best things you can do for your skin.

Dealing with Sensitive Skin

If you have thin or sensitive skin, start by testing a small area on your cheek. Be gentle. If all is well, continue with the rest of your face. If you have trouble, try again with a milder scrub.

When NOT to Exfoliate

Please do not exfoliate sunburned skin. Wait for it to heal! And be careful not to combine other procedures with exfoliating – don’t do it on a day you are going for spa treatments, for example.

Exfoliating With A Facial Massager

For even better exfoliating, I like to use a small facial massager. It is very gentle, but it does a good job of spreading the exfoliant evenly over my skin. I find the results I get with it are better than when I just use my fingers. The Clairosonic is the best I have used. I think it is money well spent.

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