Salt Exfoliant

I was amazed by the effect salt had on my skin. I first discovered it when I was modeling at the Black Sea. It totally cleared up my acne.

Now, I use a salt exfoliant 2 or 3 times a week.

Benefits Of A Salt Exfoliant

Quickly removes dead skin cells

Clears and disinfects pores

Reduces breakouts

Stimulates circulation

Gives skin a healthy glow

Promote healthy cell renewal

It’s like having a facial, but it takes less than a minute.

Types Of Salt Exfoliants

Salt is as unique as the region where it is harvested. Salt harvested from evaporated seawater contains the unique chemical makeup of the coastal region were it was collected. Salt collected from mountainous regions is equally varied.

Coarse sea salt can be abrasive for sensitive skin but that’s no reason to miss out on the rejuvenating effects of a salt exfoliant.

Reborn ExfoliantFrench Grey Sea Salt is milled into a fine powder that won’t irritate even sensitive skin. The grey color comes from the clay pots in which it is evaporated. I also use Bolivian Rose Salt from the Andes. Its iron content gives Reborn Exfoliant its natural pink color.


I recommend mixing these salts with high-quality oils. Then, your salt exfoliant will clear your pores and deeply moisturize your skin at the same time, leaving your face looking bright and feeling supple – as if you’ve just had a facial.

Put a dab on your fingertips and rub it in gently using circular motions. The gentle rubbing action will stimulate circulation, remove dead skin cells and clear excess oils. A quick rinse in warm or cool water will wash away the salt.

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