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Finding A Bar Soap For Sensitive Skin

soap_superieure_rose_geranium__27255.1405373471.388.550In her recent blog post about bar soap for sensitive skin, Buy This, Not That!, Barbara Messina shows just how misleading labels can be, and how important it is to look closely at the ingredients products contain, no matter how “pure” or “natural” they claim to be. Amen to that. Her look at Ivory soap is a revelation.

Bar soap for sensitive skin (actually everything we use on our skin) should be free of “fragrance” and other harsh chemicals, but, in my experience, products do not have to be unscented to be suitable for sensitive skin. It’s just a matter of finding natural scents that work with your skin.

For example, I make a bar soap called Soap Superieure that is scented with the organic essential oil of rose geranium. It fills my bathroom with a delightful aroma every time I use it, and it is very gentle.

And there is another factor to consider. I find that many soaps can be too drying, even if they are truly pure.  So, as well as having a lovely scent, I gave this soap a rich, creamy feel, due to the amount of organic oils it contains, even after conversion to soap. That makes it a better choice for dry skin, as well as sensitive skin, conditions that often go together.

For dry sensitive skin, look for a soap that is non-drying, as well as free of toxic chemicals. And I would never throw out the scent with the bath water!

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