Don’t Overcook Your Broccoli

A study at the University of Illinois found that the anti-cancer properties of broccoli can be compromised if you overcook it.

“Broccoli, prepared correctly, is an extremely potent cancer-fighting agent — three to five servings a week are enough to have an effect. To get broccoli’s benefits, though, the enzyme myrosinase has to be present; if it’s not there, sulforaphane, broccoli’s cancer-preventive and anti-inflammatory component, doesn’t form,” said Elizabeth Jeffery, a U of I professor of nutrition.

Science Daily

It turns out myrosinase is destroyed by overcooked.  So what’s the ideal way to cook your broccoli?

Steaming for 2 to 4 minutes seems to be ideal.  Oh, and even better – eat broccoli sprouts.  I get mine from the Farmers’ Market every week.

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