Tea, The Great Brain Booster

I’ve always enjoyed drinking tea.   Tea is definitely stimulating, of course.  But I never feel wired from it, like I do if I drink coffee. Somehow, it seems more complex and relaxing than coffee. I’ve never quite known what to call it. Today’s Science News calls the effect from tea “wakeful relaxation.” Yes!  That’s exactly how I feel – more awake and more relaxed at the same time. Perfect.

It turns out tea has more in it for boosting your brain than just caffeine…

Tea, which people worldwide drink more of than any other beverage except water, is a major dietary source of caffeine. Unlike coffee, it contains another potentially powerful ingredient for brain activity: L-theanine, an amino acid that can alter alpha brain wave rhythms, inducing wakeful relaxation. Science News

Tea has been found to increase executive function, which is defined as “the ability to perform complex tasks that rely on planning or decision making.” That’s quite a bonus for a drink that’s just packed with health and beauty benefits.

You can read about other ways to boost your brain in the Science News post. I’ve decided to put the kettle on.

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  1. Elizabeth Thomas

    Hi Gaelle,

    Thank you for your wonderful products!!! I travel frequently and find that sitting in airplanes for hours on end is very dehydrating. Creme Superieure is the perfect solution for travel-tired skin.


  2. 02.12.2011

    Thanks Elizabeth,
    I’m glad my moisturizer is working for you.
    I really appreciate you letting me know.
    Hope your travels are fun and productive.

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