Do You Really Need Different Skincare Products For Different Parts Of Your Face?

I use the same products all over my face.  I don’t use anything special around my eyes, or anywhere else. If a product is too harsh for sensitive skin around my eyes, then I don’t want to use it anywhere on my face.

In fact, I have found that high-quality products work just as well on my cheeks as around my eyes, and everywhere else, so there just isn’t the need for different products for here or there – so long as the products I use are really good.

On top of that, there is not much evidence that anti-aging creams and serums do any more for our skin than a good moisturizer will do.  There’s another whole set of products that are not needed, given a good moisturizer!

Yet the general view is more like this…

Instead of just using a skin care cream for your entire face, you need to take a look at the areas of your face that need more care. Good anti aging skin care products are those that not only consist of cleansers and toners to help erase lines and make your skin more supple, but also those that will focus on areas of the face that need more care. These include the eyes and throat as well as the face. Some areas of the face and body need more attention than others. Good natural skin care products consist of sets that allow for all areas to be covered. World News Today

I meet women every day who are convinced they need an elaborate skincare routine, using lots of products. They’ve bought into the idea that more is better.

I’m a big fan of simple care.  It’s quick, easy, and affordable. And, with the right products, the results can be spectacular.

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  1. Haley Nimz

    Yes, men can share the same skincare because is a unisex product. we are in cold raining days and most people use this products in summer when the sun approaches stronger.

    • 04.11.2012

      I agree. And for men, a simple, quick routine is even more important. They just aren’t used to spending a lot of time on this.

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