How To Tell If You Need A Moisturizer

There a good post today on the AskAnEsthetician’s Blog about what moisturizers can and cannot do for you – and this suggestion about how to tell if you even need a moisturizer…

organic moisturizer What is a good way to tell if you need a moisturizer or not?  Wash your face and then wait about 10 to 15  minutes.  During those 10 to 15 minutes do not put anything on your face.  After you’ve waited think about how your face feels – is it tight or dry feeling?  Then you need a moisturizer.  If you notice flakes on your face after the waiting period than you need to gently exfoliate and then use a moisturizer. AskAnEsthetician’sBlog

One of the other things to consider is whether the way you washed your face caused the dry, tight feeling.  Many of the cleansers on the market can be very drying, and some are so harsh they can be damaging to dry skin.

But if you are using a mild cleanser, or if you wash your face in warm water alone, and your skin feels dry afterwards, then you would pass the test suggested on the blog..

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