Hydration is an Inside Job, Totally!

You hydrate your skin the same way as you hydrate the other organs of your body, by drinking water. Nothing else will do it.

Putting products onto your skin is not going to hydrate your skin. It’s like splashing water onto your face and thinking you are hydrating because your skin gets wet.

River Itchen, Winchester

River Itchen, Winchester

A good moisturizer will help you retain the water you have drunk and will give you added protection against environmental stressors, and will deliver antioxidants and other compounds to keep your skin healthy and slow or reverse the appearance of aging. But it will not “hydrate” your skin.

Nothing but consuming good fluids will hydrate your skin.

This is part of the larger point that, for beautiful skin, we need to pay as much attention to the inside as to the outside.

In their excellent article, Holistic Skin Care – Healthy Skin From The Inside Out, WomentoWomen say “ the aging you see in your skin is biological, not chronological, and can be delayed or even reversed with a holistic, natural approach that includes optimal diet, lifestyle and product choices.” The article goes into the details of what to do to make that a reality for you and is well worth a read.

The truth is, beautiful skin is simple and improvements can be fast and dramatic when we align with nature.

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