Reducing Liver Spots

There’s a good article in skincareihub about how to use aloe vera to get rid of age spots, or “liver spots.”  They are signs that free radical damage is accumulating in the body. The blemishes on the skin are where we can see the effects most clearly.

Antioxidants are the solution to free radicals.

For the skin, aloe vera is a good way to treat them. It is rich in antioxidants. The skincarihub post has helpful details on the best way to use aloe vera as a home remedy.

Another option is to use coconut oil.  It also contains antioxidants that can prevent and reduce liver spots and other blemishes. Plus it has powerful antimicrobial properties that can help to reduce breakouts. You can rub coconut oil directly into your skin (it absorbs very well), and you can cook with it and give your whole body an anti-aging boost.

I use aloe vera and coconut oil in my products.  I would not be without them.

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