Managing Dry Winter Skin

The Sacramento Bee has an excellent article today about “Banishing winter’s dry skin woes.”  It lists the standard recommendations:

  • take shorter, cooler showers
  • moisturize after bathing
  • don’t over-heat your house or car
  • use gentle skincare products that contain no fragrances or alcohol.

But it included practical ideas I had not seen before, such as…

Dr. Daniel Pham, a family physician at Baylor Regional Medical Center at Grapevine, Texas, and a dad of four, fills the bathroom sinks with hot water in the evening, adds a scent his family likes and lets the water stand overnight as natural humidifiers. He waters his many houseplants generously and puts wet towels out to dry overnight over bedroom furniture rather than putting them in the dryer, letting the air absorb the moisture.

You can read more at the Sacramaneto Bee.

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Simple Care, Luminous Skin