Is Chocolate Your Language Of Love?

No need to worry about eating chocolate from time to time.  I just love it.  There was a time when it was blamed for skin eruptions and was said to be not so healthy, but we’ve learned better.

The Essential U has this, and a whole lot more, to say today about chocolate…

I believe that there is one Universal and International truth: chocolate is pure heaven for women and just another food for most men. You can watch a woman melt into the experience of a piece of chocolate. Her shoulders relax and her eyes roll back and close, as she fully experiences her chocolate with a smile from ear to ear. It is like the world vanishes and peace engulfs the woman. I have watched stress, hurt, frustration and worry dissolve from the very frame of woman when she bites into a piece of chocolate. On the other hand watching a man eat chocolate is a disgrace. They chew the divine chocolate as if they do not even notice that heaven itself has brought them this gift.

To find out how good chocolate can be for us, read the rest of the post at Essential U.

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