Better Consumer Protection For Skincare Products

Gaelle Organic Products

All of Gaelle Organic’s products were recently registered for sale in the European Union. Going through the registration process showed us how much better consumer protections for skincare products are in the EU than in the United States.

  • Each product had to be examined and approved by a third party chemist.
  • The formulas were analyzed to make sure they contained no known toxins.
  • Each product was tested for how well its preservatives performed when deliberately contaminated by bacteria, mold and yeast.
  • Scientific evidence had to be submitted to substantiate every benefit claimed on the label. 
  • Every ingredient had to be listed on the label, no matter how minimal the amount present.

Failure to satisfy any of these requirements meant the product could not be entered into the EU’s registry of approved products and could not be put onto the shelves of European stores.

We believe the United States has a lot to learn from these regulations.

We were told that 50% of US products tested in Europe fail the preservative safety test – meaning they will not resist common contaminants. Yet they are on sale in the United States. US manufacturers are allowed to hide chemicals they do not want consumers to know about under a made-up ingredient called “fragrance”  and then the product can be claimed to be “natural” or “pure.” 

Not to go on about it, but it does looks like, in Europe, governments are protecting consumers, while in the United States, not so much.

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