Organic? You still need to read the ingredients.

Just because a product is “organic” doesn’t mean it is good for you. Gabriella Boston’s article in today’s Washington Post  points out that products can be organic and still contain large amounts of things that don’t do us much good – like sugar – and that if we do not pay attention to the ingredient list on the label, and become complacent because a product is “organic,” we could be missing the larger point – that it contains ingredients we are better off without. bigstock-Kale-And-Juice-32151686

This applies especially to skincare. For example, one of the very few effective preservatives permitted by the USDA’s Organic Standard is alcohol, and alcohol has to make up about 14% of a product’s content for it to work as a preservative. Just because it is organic alcohol does not make it good for skin, especially dry skin. So, like sugar in organic food products, there can be ingredients in organic skincare products that we would be better off without. Paying attention to ingredients remains key, whether a product is “organic” or not.

(You can read the Washington Post article by clicking here, or on the image above.)

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