Apple Cider Vinegar

As a natural astringent, apple cider vinegar helps minimize pores to create smooth, beautiful skin. Its antiseptic and anti-fungal properties help to deeply clean and protect the skin, resulting in healthier, smoother skin, with fewer breakouts and a clearer complexion.

Apple cider vinegar will:

– minimize pores and smooth your skin

– deeply cleanse and clear your complexion

fight  bacteria and fungi to reduce breakouts

Works Well With:

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pore minimizer, pH balance, fewer breakouts
pore minimizer, cleanser, reduce breakouts
pore minimizer, refreshing
anti-aging, cleansing, fewer breakouts
reduces swelling, soothing,brightening
healing, anti-aging
cleansing, pore-refining, soothing
anti-aging, pore-refining, fewer breakouts

– regulate your skin’s pH balance and increase your natural resistance to infection

– and, for many people,  it will reduce acne and relieve irritation and redness

Unfiltered and un-distilled cider vinegar is by far the best. It should have a rich, amber color and, if you hold it up to the light, you should be able to see a tiny web-like structure that shows it has been processed naturally, and all its enzymes and nutrients have been preserved. Crystal-clear vinegar is an inferior product that has had the goodness distilled out of it.

Apple Cider Vinegar In Facial Toners

At Gaelle Organic, we increase the beauty benefits of apple cider vinegar in two ways:

1. we amplify its effect by infusing it with skin-beautifying herbs
2. we blend it with natural hydrosols to make an ideal facial toner for your skin

Infusing herbs into cider vinegar

We boost the value of cider vinegar by infusing botanicals into it. We take rose petals and mint leaves and cover them with unfiltered cider vinegar, and let them sit for 40 days to create an infusion that combines their complex chemistries into a potent beauty treatment.

These herbs work wonders for the skin. In combination with cider vinegar, they do even better.

Blending cider vinegar with hydrosols

We then blend our infused cider vinegar with other natural astringents to create an even-more powerful pore minimizer. We use alcohol-free witch hazel extract and organic rose water. But first, we infuse more therapeutic herbs into them.

Our witch hazel is infused with calendula flowers, elder flowers, and green tea. Like cider vinegar, these herbs have been used for centuries to clear the complexion, minimize pores and refresh the skin. In combination, they do even more.

Toner Superieure
contains organic apple cider vinegar infused with organic rose petals, organic mint  and organic calendula flowers. It is blended with organic rose water, organic orange blossom water, and witch hazel that has been infused with organic elder flowers, organic green tea, organic cucumbers and organic calendula flowers.

It is suitable for all skin types.

You can learn more about it by clicking on Toner Superieure facial toner.

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