Calendula is renowned for its soothing, anti-inflammatory, and astringent benefits. It is one of the great healing herbs. The vivid colors of its petals come from nineteen different carotinoids, each of which is a powerful anti-oxidant.

Beauty Benefits Of Calendula

– Reduce fine lines and improve elasticity

– Soothe inflammation and even your skin tone

– Soften rough skin and smooth your complexion

– Reduce damage from free radicals and sun exposure

– Delay formation of wrinkles

– Heal dry, chapped skin and relieve itching

Works Well
pore minimizer, pH balance, fewer breakouts
pore minimizer, cleanser, reduce breakouts
pore minimizer, cleanser, pH balance
pore minimizer, refreshing
anti-aging, cleansing, fewer breakouts
reduces swelling, soothing,brightening
cleansing, pore-refining, soothing
anti-aging, pore-refining, fewer breakouts

Natural Extracts Of Calendula

Calendula InfusionWhen calendula flowers are soaked in oils or hydrosols, their carotinoids and other compounds are transferred across to the new medium. It takes about forty days for the process to complete naturally. The flowers gradually loose their color as the liquid they are soaking in becomes richer and more vibrant. The healing properties of the petals go across with the color, giving an enhanced effect to the witch hazel, sesame oil, or other medium that is used.

Calendula-infused sesame oil can be used in moisturizers and other oil-based products. When calendula is infused into hydrosols, it can be used in water-based products like facial toners to bring all of its beauty and healing benefits to them.

Calendula In Moisturizers

The key to beautiful, luminous skin is the right moisturizer. A moisturizer can reduce fine lines, even your skin tone, soften rough skin, and give you a radiant and clear complexion. But, for your skin to truly glow, your moisturizer needs to be formulated with the finest ingredients. Calendula, packed with potent antioxidants, is one of them.

Calendula has anti-bacterial properties that reduce breakouts, and it helps the body to produce collagen that supports firmer skin and prevents the formation of wrinkles.
And it can heal rashes, burns, stings and other wounds.

Calendula In Facial Toners

Calendula is a natural astringent. It causes skin to contract when it is put on it, and that, in turn, minimizes pores and gives the skin a smoother texture so it looks better and makes it more resistant to breakouts. Plus it delivers antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and healing properties to clear the complexion and create luminous skin.

It is a relatively mild astringent. One of the best ways to use it is by infusing it into stronger ones, like witch hazel, or apple cider vinegar, then combining it with other natural astringents like those featured on the right of this page to make a facial toner packed with natural compounds to beautify your skin.

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