Slices of cucumber are used as natural eye pads to treat puffy eyes and dark circles. They work so well because of their high vitamin C and caffeic acid content, which reduces swelling and soothes inflamed skin. Cucumber is also a mild astringent, rich in silica, helping it reduce wrinkles and fine lines. It provides these beauty benefits when applied directly to the skin, or when eaten – ideally as juice.

– Reduces swelling

– Reduces puffy eyes and dark circles

– Brightens complexion

– Cleanses and closes pores

Works Well
pore minimizer, pH balance, fewer breakouts
pore minimizer, cleanser, reduce breakouts
pore minimizer, cleanser, pH balance
pore minimizer, refreshing
anti-aging, cleansing, fewer breakouts
healing, anti-aging
cleansing, pore-refining, soothing
anti-aging, pore-refining, fewer breakouts

– Soothes itchy and extra dry skin

– Relieves rashes

I infuse cucumber in the witch hazel extract I use in my facial toner.

Simple Care, Luminous Skin