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Face Reading

Here’s looking at you…

If you’ve been wondering what other people think when they see your face, the ancient art of Chinese face reading, tells you the answer!  We’re all pretty skilled face readers, and Chinese face reading explains what your face is saying about your health, character and life experiences.  Having your face read is fun and it’s often also quite profound, and a chance to reconnect with who you really are, and who you really want to be.  For couples or family members, it can highlight similarities, and also areas of difference, and how you can adapt to each other’s needs.

Check out these face-reading videos to see what people’s faces show about them – and what they might be thing about you when they look at your face.  It’s a way we can deepen our connection with each other and find more common ground.  Plus it’s a lot of fun, of course.

Acupuncture Can Help With Facial Lines

Have you been paying attention to the cosmetic acupuncture stories that have been in the press lately?

Here’s a quote from The Irish Times, reported by the Cosmetic News Portal saying that acupuncture is “a viable alternative to cosmetic surgery and the effects can run much deeper than simply improving appearances.”

I’ve been interested in acupuncture for a long time, both for my appearance and for general health reasons.  I find it really works, and I’m delighted to see it getting more attention in the beauty area.

You can get a lot of helpful information here about how acupuncture can improve facial lines.  The site tells you what you can expect from the treatment, and how to make sure you are a good candidate for it.  It is written by a practicing acupuncturist, who is going to stand by whatever she represents to her patients, so it is very clear about what is reasonable to expect, and the fact that different people will respond differently to treatment.  The whole site is packed with practical information for anyone contemplating acupuncture treatment.  Highly recommended!

You can get a lot of help for fine lines from a good organic moisturizer. It will plump up your skin and close up fine lines.  And of course, a good moisturizer will keep your skin from becoming too dry and developing deeper lines in the first place.;

When Not To Exfoliate

Even though exfoliating is a cornerstone of good skincare, there are times when we should not exfoliate.

Top of the list is when we have any degree of sunburn. Sunburned skin is too raw for exfoliation. The same goes for chapped skin – and for the same reason.

If your skin is sunburned or chapped, let it heal completely before you exfoliate it.

And avoid exfoliating on days when you are having a spa treatment or giving yourself a facial – anything outside of your normal skincare routine. At these times, your skin has enough going on already, and it needs time to rebalance itself.

The key to exfoliating is to do it regularly – once or twice a week – but only when your skin is ready for it. And gently!

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