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A Good Sauna For The Home

There’s a good post today in Bien-Etre about the benefits of infrared light and saunas.

I use an infra-red sauna most days.  I find it very relaxing, and great for my skin.  The beauty of infra-red saunas is that they start working the moment you turn them on. There is no need to wait while the room warms up, and they don’t cost much to operate, plus you can put them more or less anywhere there is an electric outlet.

You can find affordable infrared saunas on eBay, if you are interested.

Detox With Dry Skin Brushing

Here is good advice about dry skin brushing from The Rejuvenation Lounge, a site that is “all about encouraging you to put yourself first more often – one breath and one small step at a time.”

What a lovely name for a web site – and its contents live up to the promise in the name.  It is a site to follow.

Dry skin brushing is quite easy and very refreshing.  You simply need a good quality brush, preferably one that’s made from natural fibres. So if you’ve started the year with detox on your mind, dry skin brushing might be something you’d like to try.  After all your skin is the largest elimination organ of your body.  The Rejuvenation Lounge

There are good instructions  about dry skin brushing on the site, plus a daily tip to support your rejuvenation.  Lovely.

I’ve also written about how to use a dry skin brush. If you’ve never done it before, it might be helpful to look at both pages before you start.

Managing Dry Winter Skin

The Sacramento Bee has an excellent article today about “Banishing winter’s dry skin woes.”  It lists the standard recommendations:

  • take shorter, cooler showers
  • moisturize after bathing
  • don’t over-heat your house or car
  • use gentle skincare products that contain no fragrances or alcohol.

But it included practical ideas I had not seen before, such as…

Dr. Daniel Pham, a family physician at Baylor Regional Medical Center at Grapevine, Texas, and a dad of four, fills the bathroom sinks with hot water in the evening, adds a scent his family likes and lets the water stand overnight as natural humidifiers. He waters his many houseplants generously and puts wet towels out to dry overnight over bedroom furniture rather than putting them in the dryer, letting the air absorb the moisture.

You can read more at the Sacramaneto Bee.

Holistic Living

Here’s a wonderful web site filled with practical advice and insights derived from hard-won experience.  It introduces itself like this…

Life challenges can be the one thing that shakes our world up enough to wake us up to the fact that life is truly a gift. And if we are smart and we listen carefully to the messages, it might just help guide us to our authentic self.

The site is devoted to promoting a more harmonious lifestyle, one based on connection and understanding, and an enlarged view of what it is that makes us healthy and happy.  Check out

Is It Time For A Cosmetics Tidy-Up?

If your cosmetics shelf is getting cluttered, here’s good advice from Suite 101…

When was the last time you completed a thorough cosmetic tidy-up? The pressed powder that felt like a clever purchase when you splashed out on it yet made you resemble a drag queen in the cold light of day? And what about those eye shadows compacts that you have barely got any use out of?!

I’m a huge fan of simple care.  There is no need for lots of products.  They just add clutter and waste time.  For instance, to care for dry skin, all you need are 4 products and 3 minutes of daily simple care, even if you have extra dry skin.

Making Changes That Last Beyond January

Now is when ambitious New Year’s resolutions start to lose their allure, and our  leap forward into a healthier and happier life can look like way too much work.

So this post in is particularly timely.

Don’t despair. There are many baby steps you can take to be healthier, ways that are super simple to incorporate into your day to day. We checked in with the experts for what new healthy habits they recommend incorporating into your life.

The emphasis is on “baby steps” and “simple.”  These are things you can do easily, every day.  And they work.  The first habit they recommend is starting the day with a large glass of water.  What could be easier than that?  You’ll be surprised what a difference it can make.

Check out the post for 4 other simple changes you can make that will build your wellness, slowly, easily and reliably.


“… a way we to tend to sabotage ourselves is by trying to suddenly, instantly, magically become a whole new person with completely new habits and a totally new lifestyle from one day to the next. POOF! Just like that. It’s like we’re just sticking new habits on top of ourselves with duct tape, hoping it’ll stick for good,” writes Ginger Viera, cognitive scientist.

Slow and steady is the way to go. It applies to skin care, too.  Simple care, for 3 or 4 minutes every day, is all it takes to have great skin. No heroics required.

The difference bacteria can make to your skin…

Here’s a review of a new skincare line designed to introduce a better class of bacteria to your face. The author said she saw a big improvement in her skin after using it for a few weeks.
The O2D-Biotic range is a new concept in skincare and is based on ‘yoghurt ferments’ – kind of like acidophilus for your skin. Working on the same principle as acidophilus for your gut, the idea is that the ferments help to restore your natural skin flora.

It’s an interesting approach, especially considering the recent finding that bacteria on the skin can cause significant issues inside the body.

“A bacterium which causes acne and is commonly found on the skin, is now known to cause infections all over the body. Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes) has been associated with infections of artificial joints and heart valves (endocarditis), as well as eye infections and chest infections — which are common at this time of year.”

It doesn’t seem like a stretch to suppose that the right bacteria on our skin can improve its appearance. We’ll be hearing more about skin biotics, I’m sure.

Do You Really Need Different Skincare Products For Different Parts Of Your Face?

I use the same products all over my face.  I don’t use anything special around my eyes, or anywhere else. If a product is too harsh for sensitive skin around my eyes, then I don’t want to use it anywhere on my face.

In fact, I have found that high-quality products work just as well on my cheeks as around my eyes, and everywhere else, so there just isn’t the need for different products for here or there – so long as the products I use are really good.

On top of that, there is not much evidence that anti-aging creams and serums do any more for our skin than a good moisturizer will do.  There’s another whole set of products that are not needed, given a good moisturizer!

Yet the general view is more like this…

Instead of just using a skin care cream for your entire face, you need to take a look at the areas of your face that need more care. Good anti aging skin care products are those that not only consist of cleansers and toners to help erase lines and make your skin more supple, but also those that will focus on areas of the face that need more care. These include the eyes and throat as well as the face. Some areas of the face and body need more attention than others. Good natural skin care products consist of sets that allow for all areas to be covered. World News Today

I meet women every day who are convinced they need an elaborate skincare routine, using lots of products. They’ve bought into the idea that more is better.

I’m a big fan of simple care.  It’s quick, easy, and affordable. And, with the right products, the results can be spectacular.

Dry Skin Brushing – How, When & Why To Do It

Here is a good post about dry skin brushing.  It describes why and how to do it and how often.   It suggests including a drop of essential oil on the brush.  I’ve not done that before, but will try it out.  Could be fun.  Here is how I do dry skin brushing.

Dry skin brushing is a great way to keep the skin healthy, soft, and smooth. I’ve made it a habit to dry brush my skin before I take my showers.  It is important that the skin is dry to create friction, since water acts as a lubricant and reduces the effect. Make sure you use a natural bristled brush. A brush made of nylon tears the skin, and it also disturbs the electro-magnetic balance. The natural bristles seem harsh and stiff at first, but they will soften up after being used for a while.

How To Tell If You Are Exfoliating Too Much

Exfoliating is an essential part of dry skin care, but like most things, it can be overdone.

I recommend a 30-second session, twice a week, with a mild, natural exfoliant. No more than that.

However, some people may exfoliate too often, or they may exfoliate when they have been out in the sun, or when they have had another kind of facial treatment.   Scrubbing too hard can be an issue as well.

All of which raises the question – how do you know if you are exfoliating too much?

5 Signs Your Are Exfoliating Too Much

The Toronto Cosmetic Clinic posted these 5 signs to watch for:

1. Your skin has dry patches or feels drier all over than it’s ever been.
2. Your skin is more sensitive than it’s ever been, reacting faster to the elements, stress and other irritants.
3. Your skin is itchy.
4. Your skin is plagued by redness.
5. You’ve noticed that you’ve developed a lot of acne and inflammation recently.

If you are seeing any of these 5 signs, you may be exfoliating too much.  You may also be using an exfoliant that is too harsh for your skin.

For Best Results

Use an exfoliant that is formulated to also moisturize your skin.

Exfoliate no more than twice a week.

Exfoliate gently.

Never exfoliate when your skin is stressed.

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