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Lavender Oil Has Potent Antifunfgal Effect, Study Finds

Scalp and nail infections are becoming increasingly difficult to treat as new strains develop that are resistant to anti-fungal drugs. Annoying as they are on the skin and scalp, fungi can cause serious problems if they enter the blood stream. And, even as anti-fungal drugs lose their effect, they still come with side effects and expense. Fortunately, lavender oil appears to work better at getting rid of fungi, and at a fraction the cost.

According to a study published in the Journal of Medical Microbiology and reported in Science Daily, lavender oil could be used to combat the increasing incidence of antifungal-resistant infections.

The researchers found that lavender oil killed the fungi that give rise to ringworm, Athlete’s foot and common nail and scalp infections, as well as various strains of candida – with minimal side effects.

Some bugs you want on your face.

Some bugs are good on your face. Others, not so good.

On its own, the oil (sebum) we secrete through our skin has no antiseptic power. We need helpful bugs to convert it into antiseptic fatty acids.  Without them, we are exposed to invasion by harmful bacteria and fungi, and we can suffer breakouts and worse.

When we deplete our natural oils, the good bugs don’t have anything to work with. This can happen naturally, as we produce less sebum over time. We can also deplete our natural oils by dissolving them with products that contain alcohol and other harsh ingredients. That’s one of the ways extra dry skin develops.

Coconut oil, palm kernel oil, and palm oil are all treated the same way as sebum by beneficial bacteria that live on our skin. They are broken down into fatty acids that protect our skin from marauders. It’s one of the reasons these oils are so healing. And that’s why I use them on my skin and in my products.

This is in addition to their moisturizing and softening benefits. Quite a deal, really.

More about the difference bacteria can make to your skin.

A Good Sauna For The Home

There’s a good post today in Bien-Etre about the benefits of infrared light and saunas.

I use an infra-red sauna most days.  I find it very relaxing, and great for my skin.  The beauty of infra-red saunas is that they start working the moment you turn them on. There is no need to wait while the room warms up, and they don’t cost much to operate, plus you can put them more or less anywhere there is an electric outlet.

You can find affordable infrared saunas on eBay, if you are interested.

When Not To Exfoliate

Even though exfoliating is a cornerstone of good skincare, there are times when we should not exfoliate.

Top of the list is when we have any degree of sunburn. Sunburned skin is too raw for exfoliation. The same goes for chapped skin – and for the same reason.

If your skin is sunburned or chapped, let it heal completely before you exfoliate it.

And avoid exfoliating on days when you are having a spa treatment or giving yourself a facial – anything outside of your normal skincare routine. At these times, your skin has enough going on already, and it needs time to rebalance itself.

The key to exfoliating is to do it regularly – once or twice a week – but only when your skin is ready for it. And gently!

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