Meditation and Anti-Aging: Exciting New Science

There’s a lot of research been done about meditation and its psychological benefits; the same for its health and wellness effects. Now, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist, Elizabeth Blackburn, is investigated how meditation actually slows down the core aging process of the body.



You can read about Professor Blackburn’s work in this article – Can meditation really slow aging?

I’ve long advocated meditation for beauty. and if anti-aging is an interest of yours, here’s another good reason to start meditating!

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Elle Genius

How What We Eat Affects Our Skin

Robynne Chutkan MDRobynne Chutkan, MD explains how what we put into our bodies affects our skin.

As a gastroenterologist treating GI issues, she finds…. “When I work with people on their diet, whether it’s cutting back on dairy, or switching them from a starchier, sugary processed diet, to a more plant-based way of eating, their skin often clears up.”

And when people have difficult skin disorders, often the solution lies deep in the gut, not in topical treatments.

“Skin disorders like rosacea, which a lot of people confuse with acne is a good example. A lot of people are using harsh things on their skin for this sort of redness on the cheeks and nose. Rosacea’s actually an autoimmune disease and, like most autoimmune diseases, we don’t actually know what causes it, but there’s a very strong association with something called dysbiosis, a bacterial imbalance and overgrowth of the wrong kinds of bacteria in the gut.”

She speaks of the “incredible connection” between the GI tract and the skin, and has published a book – Gutbliss: A 10-Day Plan to Ban Bloat, Flush Toxins, and Dump Your Digestive Baggage – that shows how to create a healthy gut, improve wellness, and give skin a healthy glow.

She says “the skin actually represents the outside of our GI tract.”

You can learn more about Dr. Chutkan’s work in this interview with her by James Hamblin in I’m ordering the book!

Soap Supreme – Best Cleanser Ever!

SoapSupremeLovely review of Soap Supreme by the gorgeous Sasha Stone of Be Open Yoga in Hollywood.

In addition to her review, Sasha goes over the lifestyle factors that give her skin such a youthful glow. Seeing is believing!

Click on the picture below to see what Sasha does to nurture her beauty.

Her newsletter has a Special Beauty Issue this month, too. You can see it by clicking here.

Soap Supreme - Be Open Yoga 400

Colors For Collagen

Red Revs Up Collagen

Redness comes from compounds that “have important anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and anti-tumor properties and are capable of modulating enzymatic processes.”  University of Barcelona

For example, tomatoes, peppers and  beets contain lycopene, an antioxidant that protects skin from sun damage and increases collagen. And strawberry extract protects skin cells from solar damage.

Orange is also a mark of collagen boosters, as in carrots and sweet potatoes.


Green Grows Collagen

Vitamin C is critical for collagen production. It is abundant in green leafy vegetables.

Kale and cabbage are my favorites. Check out this kale and white bean soup recipe. It’s perfect for the cooler weather.

And collagen cannot be produced without sulphur – there’s plenty of sulphur in cucumber and celery.

Blue Boosts Collagen

Berries are anti-aging superstars. It’s so easy to be sweet on them.

They increase collagen levels and fight off free radicals, reducing sun damage and supporting firmer skin.

Red, purple and black berries tend to contain the highest levels of skin-friendly antioxidants. Look for deep, vivid colors.

The Best Collagen Diet

The best beauty diet is bright with the whole spectrum of colors.

It will give your skin the collagen-boosting, anti-aging support it needs.

And it will delight your every sense.

Having Beautiful Skin At Any Age

You can have beautiful skin at any age. It’s just a matter of how you take care of yourself.

Check out this photo of Sophia Loren, taken in Somalia in 2006, when she was 72.

What beautiful skin! You can’t get that from surgery.

Fortunately, it just takes a couple of minutes of simple daily care.

Click on simple care to learn how you can create beautiful, radiant skin. It’s easy!

Create Smooth Flawless Skin With These Natural Pore Refiners

Natural pore refiners are astringents.

Astringents cause tissue to contract. When they are put onto skin, they make pores tighten and give the skin a smoother, more flawless look. For best results, they should be used every day, ideally right after cleansing.

The natural astringents pictured in the chart have the added benefit of restoring skin’s pH balance to its healthy, slight-acidic state. This helps to keep the skin healthy by warding off infections.

Some astringents can be too harsh for routine use. Alcohol, for example, causes tissue to contract, but it is very drying. And 14% of the content of some witch hazel extract is alcohol  – even organic witch hazel.

You will be using a pore refiner on a daily basis. So it is important to find one that is both gentle and effective. The 9 natural astringents in the chart are the best we have found. They are what we use to make Toner Superieure.

Tea – An Anti-Aging Superhero

Anti-wrinkle power in every cup

Antioxidants are 25% of the dry weight of tea
They are up to 100 times stronger than Vitamin C or E

Read More… Beauty Benefits Of Green Tea

How Seriously Should We Take Wrinkles?

At the end of the day, wouldn’t you rather have laugh lines than frown lines?

The Best Skin Care Is Simple

This flower is very intricate

Yet all its parts use the same water

Day and night

And just like this flower

Your skin is very intricate

Yet it needs only one moisturizer

Day and night

Beautiful skin is simple when you align with Nature

Take These Four Simple Steps To Beautiful Skin

Simple Care, Luminous Skin