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Lavender Oil Has Potent Antifunfgal Effect, Study Finds

Scalp and nail infections are becoming increasingly difficult to treat as new strains develop that are resistant to anti-fungal drugs. Annoying as they are on the skin and scalp, fungi can cause serious problems if they enter the blood stream. And, even as anti-fungal drugs lose their effect, they still come with side effects and expense. Fortunately, lavender oil appears to work better at getting rid of fungi, and at a fraction the cost.

According to a study published in the Journal of Medical Microbiology and reported in Science Daily, lavender oil could be used to combat the increasing incidence of antifungal-resistant infections.

The researchers found that lavender oil killed the fungi that give rise to ringworm, Athlete’s foot and common nail and scalp infections, as well as various strains of candida – with minimal side effects.

Eat Chocolate, It’s Good For Your Heart

Last week, I asked Is Chocolate Your Language Of Love? A report in today’s Science Daily takes our heart relationship with chocolate to a whole other level – and it’s all good.

It turns out chocolate’s main ingredient, cocoa, boosts production of HDL, the “good” cholesterol that protects against heart disease.

Credit for those heart-healthy effects goes to a cadre of antioxidant compounds in cocoa called polyphenols, which are particularly abundant in dark chocolate. Until now, however, nobody knew exactly how the polyphenols in cocoa orchestrated those beneficial effects. Science Daily

Gotta love that chocolate!

Is “Eating Yourself Beautiful” The Next Celebrity Trend?

It’s always good to see the connection being made between diet and beauty.

Stunning Pan-Asian restaurant Gilgamesh has therefore created an entire ‘Eat Yourself Beautiful’ menu dedicated to improving not only your health, but your appearance. An example of dishes that will be on the menu include Collagen Inside Out Dumpling or Collagen Bento Box of Chargrilled Salmon, Black Sushi Rice, Mixed Leaves, Tomato & Onion Dressing and Collagen Goji Berry Sorbet, Sugarless Milk Ice. All of the dishes on the à la carte menu contain edible collagen which has been claimed to improve one’s skin and health.  The Handbook

Of course, there is no need to go to exotic restaurants and pay their prices to get food that is great for your body and your skin.  Take a look at these beauty foods, for instance. They can all be incorporated easily  into your diet, and they don’t take any extra time to prepare.

Are Nano Particles Safe?

Nanotechnology has become common in skincare products.  It enables active ingredients to be transported through the outer layers of the skin to deeper layers where they can be more effective. However, there are concerns about whether nanotechnology is safe.

Scientists are not sure what happens to nanoparticles after they have done their job.  Do they lodge in organs of the body?  Will they cause trouble when enough of them accumulate?

Safety questions extend beyond the presence of nanoparticles in personal care products. How safe is it to work in a plant that processes them, for instance?  Do they adversely affect the environment? How would we know if this was happening?

These are not easy questions to answer.

“Research into the safety of nanotechnology combines biology, chemistry, and physics with workplace hygiene, materials science, and engineering to create a truly interdisciplinary research field,” explain Krug and Wick. “There are several factors to take into account in the interaction of nano-objects with organisms,” they add. “The term nanotoxicology is fully justified.”  Science Daily

These concerns have caused increased scrutiny and regulation in Europe.  The US may follow suit.  In the meantime, you might want to look out for “nano” or “fine” or “ultrafine” ingredients in the products you use. Those are indications that the product contains nanoparticles, for better or worse.

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